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Legal Requirements When A Child Dies: Download the PDF Here



In a Heartbeat by Dawn Siegrist Waltman


Mommy Please Don’t Cry… There are no tears in Heaven by Linda DeYmaz


Mending Invisible Wings: Healing From the Loss of Your Baby by Mary Burgess


Always My Twin by Valerie R. Samuels


I’ll Hold You in Heaven Remembrance Book by Debbie Heydrick


I’ll Hold You in Heaven by Jack Hayford


A Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis


Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller


Empty Arms by Pam Vredevelt


Holding Onto Hope by Nancy Guthrie


Empty Cradle, Broken Heart: Surviving the Death of Your Baby by Deborah Davis


Miscarriage: Women Sharing from the Heart by Marie Allen and Shelly Marks


For Better or for Worse: For Couples Whose Child has Died by The Centering Corporation


When Hello Means Goodbye ~ A Guide for Parents whose child dies before birth, at birth or shortly after birth by Pat Schwiebert



Books to Help Children Grieve the Loss


Lost and Found: Remembering a Sister by Ellen Yeomans


We Were Gonna Have a Baby, But we Had an Angel Instead by Pat Schwiebert


Something Happened: A book for children and parents who have experienced pregnancy loss  by Cathy Blanford


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Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance:




Online magazine for infant loss and infertility:


Center for Loss in Multiple Births:


Healing Hearts:


If your baby has no heartbeat early in the first trimester, you might want to look at this site:


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