Cradled Support Groups


Next support group is December 3, 2023.
This is a closed group. This means that online registration is required in order to attend. Once our group begins, anyone new that would like to come, will be offered a spot in our next round.
Cradled Group Sessions are for adults only that have experienced the loss of a baby at any stage in their pregnancy or struggling with infertility.
Your group leader will be able to share more about the group process and what to expect when he/she contacts you prior to the group sessions. The group provides a very special process and a place you can share your story and know you are not alone in your journey to healing. We hope that you will feel very cradled and loved during this group process. Please be aware that Cradled does not offer professional therapeutic counseling.
Please complete the form below and we will get back with you as soon as possible. We will keep your registration form completely confidential.
Thank you! We will be in contact as soon as possible.We care deeply about your situation; please know that at this time we are an all-volunteer organization, and occasionally, circumstances in our own lives may prevent us from replying as soon as we would prefer. We appreciate your understanding, and rest assured we will do our best to get back with you!
* The purpose of this registration form is for our group leaders to reach out to you on a more personal level. When we learn about your story, we are able to determine if the group setting is the best fit for you.
Sometimes we find we need to refer you to an organization that can better meet your needs, or we may also learn if our mission statement is a match for your intentions in coming to group. Not every agency in our community is completely aware of our mission statement and occasionally we receive referrals for people to attend our groups that are looking for different support than what we offer.
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